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Snoring Solutions Reviewed

Welcome to SnoreChat. My name is Michael Janson and I am part of a team of investigative editors reviewing and writing about every snoring solution, snoring mouthpiece, mouth guard available on the market today. We all come from a snoring background, having been banished to the spare room or couch on too many occasions. Although there is no known cure for snoring, the positive is that there are definitely products that stop you snoring from the first night.

Believe me when I tell you that we have tried it all, snoring mouth guards in all shapes and sizes, sleep recipes, diets, pillows and exercise routines.  We want to share with you what has cost us a fortune in time and money and hope this will be a valuable resource in helping you choose the right product for your snoring problem. So read on I am sure there will be a solution for you.


Good Morning Snore Solution

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Quick look review - Good Morning Snore Solution This Snore Solution worked from the first night and comfortable to wear after a few nights. The price for GMSS is higher than other snoring solutions. The instructions are easy to follow and there is a video online. The GMSS tongue retainer is made from materials that are safe and BPA free. There are no known side affects from long term use. GMSS has had positive feedback in reviews and social media. The GMSS has been in the market for 8 years. The GMSS is sold globally online. The Customer reviews have been

Anti-snore device – The two in one Zyppah

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Quick look review – Zyppah dual anti-snore device First impressions are deceiving, this anti-snore device did not look comfortable and we all agreed that we looked like we were off to war with the snore. It was no different than the other boil and bite mouthpiece for comfort and the elastic over the tongue did not create the gag response we all anticipated. The Zyppah is more expensive than other snoring devices in the market, but there is no competition for this dual snoring solution. The Zyppah is packaged extremely well, and the instructions were easy to follow. In fact

SnoreMeds – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

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Quick look review – SnoreMeds stop snoring mouthpiece We found the SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece stopped us snoring from the first night, but it took a few days before it stayed in the whole night and became comfortable to sleep with. This was nominated one of most cost affective snoring solutions (that worked) in the market. SnoreMeds sells a value pack which has 4 anti-snoring mouthpieces in the box. The unit cost is greatly reduced for regular users. We found the instructions are easy to follow and there is a step by step video supplied. The fitting is a bit tricky for a first

SnoreRX – Adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece

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Quick look review – SnoreRX - Adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece We loved the SnoreRX mouthpiece and it worked from the first night. The fact that it is adjustable in small increments gives you that confidence that this will be a personal fit. This SnoreRX mouthpiece is not cheap, but it is well designed adjustable with no moving parts. We found the instructions are easy to follow and there is a step by step video supplied. SnoreRx is constructed out of premium, medical-grade copolymers to assure maximum patient comfort and peace of mind to sleep throughout the entire night. SnoreRx is FDA approved

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