-SnoreRX – Adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece

SnoreRX – Adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece

Quick look review – SnoreRX – Adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece

  • We loved the SnoreRX mouthpiece and it worked from the first night. The fact that it is adjustable in small increments gives you that confidence that this will be a personal fit.
  • This SnoreRX mouthpiece is not cheap, but it is well designed adjustable with no moving parts.
  • We found the instructions are easy to follow and there is a step by step video supplied.
  • SnoreRx is constructed out of premium, medical-grade copolymers to assure maximum patient comfort and peace of mind to sleep throughout the entire night.
  • SnoreRx is FDA approved as both a safe and effective device to treat snoring. In a 2015 study conducted by Kaiser Permantente, SnoreRx was clinically proven to alleviate snoring to promote a better night’s sleep.
  • SnoreRX have good reviews, they have regular users, and are promoted by dental physicians.
  • ABC Medical Devices the company that manufactures SnoreRX, maintains ISO 13485:2003 certification and is audited every year.
  • SnoreRX is sold globally, and they specify the different shipping rates on their website.
    They also have International Regulatory Compliance for a few countries.
  • The customer service is sound. They replied to emails and the snoring package was delivered in the set time.
  • There is a 30 day money back return on the product. The shipping cost is not refunded, but that seems the norm these days.
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SSI team rated SnoreRX as the best adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece in the market. Score of 9
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In depth review –SnoreRX adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece

The SnoreRx is an adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece and is different to the other adjustable oral appliances as it is the only one which offers adjustment in 1mm increments. As everyone has a unique bite and jaw, the small adjustment calibration makes this mouthpiece a comfortable choice. This stop snoring  mouthpiece also delivers a a thermal fit similar to dental lab quality and it’s design exceeds Medicare standards which means there are no small parts that can be swallowed or chip your teeth while you are sleeping.

How it works?

The adjustable SnoreRx anti-snoring mouthpiece holds the lower jaw slightly forward, tensioning the soft tissue and opening the air way to reduce the sound of snoring. The SnoreRx is submerged in hot water and custom moulded to your teeth with the adjustment set on the default setting of 3mm.  The beauty of this mouthpiece is that you can fine tune the adjustment to your own bite and your own preference in single increments.


The Fit.

The fact that you can adjust your own mouthpiece in single increments makes the SnoreRX an extremely comfortable option, versus the other adjustable mouthpieces on the market like VitalSleep. The instructions are easy to follow and the thermal fit impression creates a good mould and there is very little movement on your teeth.
When increasing the increments, it is wiser to do alter them 1 at a time, sleep with the device for a week and then change if necessary.
Like all mandibular advancement devices they take some time to feel comfortable and natural to wear at bedtime.


The SnoreRX is roughly $99 for a single device, it is more expensive than the boil and bite snoring solutions but then again you can adjust to have that extra comfort. SnoreRx have a reasonable refund policy, return the product within the 30 days and get your money back on the item but not on the shipping cost.

The positives.

The thermoplastic is of high quality and there is no other device in the market that you can calibrate in single increments.
SnoreRX is an advancement of the mandibular advancement device which has proven popular in reducing snoring over the last decade.

The Negatives.

All mandibular devices rely on you having healthy teeth, so still no solution for people wearing dentures who snore.
The price is a bit high, but SnoreRX is a high quality product.


SnoreRX is a top quality product and compared to a range of adjustable mouthpieces being sold today I would rate this one with 5 stars.

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SSI team rated SnoreRX the best adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece in the market. Score of 9
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