-SnoreMate Anti-Snore mouthpiece – no hole

SnoreMate Anti-Snore mouthpiece – no hole

Quick look review – SnoreMate anti-snore mouthpiece, no hole

  • We found the SnoreMate anti-snoring mouthpiece stopped us snoring from the first night, but it took a few days before it stayed in the whole night and became comfortable to sleep with.
  • This was nominated one of most cost affective snoring solutions (that worked) in the market. SnoreMate sells a Twin pack which has 2 anti-snoring mouthpieces in the box.
  • We found the instructions are easy to follow and there is a step by step video supplied. The fitting is a bit tricky for a first time user, but SnoreMate offers a twin pack for first time users with a 30 day guarantee. So if you make a mistake with the first mouthpiece you have a second chance.
  • The materials used to manufacture the mouthpiece are FDA approved, BPA free with no Latex.
  • SnoreMate has been selling their mouthpiece for over 8 years and we found no evidence of long term use side affects.
  • There is a 30 money back return on the product. The shipping cost is not refunded, but that seems the norm these days.
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SSI team rated SnoreMate a score of 8
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In depth review – SnoreMate Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

The SnoreMate anti-snore mouthpiece has been around for about a decade now, originally designed by a dentist. It is a dependable boil and bite mouthpiece that works on the simple principal of moving your lower jaw forward, moving the tongue and soft tissue away from blocking the airway. It is made from BPA free material and is safe for medical and dental use.

How it works

The SnoreMate anti-snore mouthpiece is a custom moulded boil and bite mouthpiece.  The anti-snore mouthpiece is dipped into boiling water for 12 seconds and moulded to the upper and lower jaw moving the lower jaw a few increments forward.

The difference with this mouthpiece is there is no emergency breathing hole in the front as in the other boil and bite mouthpieces. The reason for not having the hole is to prevent the snorer from breathing through their mouth and forcing them to breath through their nose, reducing the chance of snoring.


The material used for the SnoreMate anti-snore mouthpiece is unusually soft, which is actually a good thing as the mouthpiece is comfortable and forms a good impression. However it does need to be replaced more often and you are looking to purchase about 3-4 a year.


The SnoreMate is reasonably priced at $44 for a two devices, there is a shipping cost and there is a 30 refund policy for the item only.


The thermoplastic makes a good impression and it is easy to mould.
The fact that there is no hole, works for some and forces you to breathe through your nose.


If you wear dentures this will not work for you, it also requires a healthy set of teeth.
Some people would not be able to tolerate not having an emergency breathing hole.


SnoreMate is different to the many boil and bite mouthpieces it has no emergency breathing hole and the composition of the material that it is made from is soft. We were happy with this anti-snore mouthpiece, the team rated it an 8.

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SSI team rated SnoreMate a score of 8
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