-Anti-snoring mouthpiece replacement
  • anti-snoring mouthpiece replacement

Anti-snoring mouthpiece replacement

Why it is a good idea to replace your anti-snoring mouthpiece every 4-6 months?

We know how often to change our clothes but not many of us know how often to change our toothbrush or snoring mouthpiece. Manufacturers of these anti-snoring mouthpieces tend to compete with each other for the length of time that their  anti-snoring mouthpiece lasts.

Dentists suggest that we change our tooth brushes three to four times a year and more often if we have been sick. The real reason is not because the bristles are worn but rather that we cannot always control the amount of bacteria living in the toothbrush in our home environment. Oral specialists suggest we store our tooth brushes standing up so they dry completely and do not keep them in a closed container unless it is needed for travel.

But what do Dentists say about an over the counter anti-snoring mouthpiece?

Wear and tear on an anti-snoring mouthpiece differs per person  Not everyone is blessed with a straight set of teeth and then there are some people that grind their teeth, and it is these factors that decide the physical life of an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Bacteria is a completely different problem with anything that resides in your mouth for a length of time and not everyone cleans their snoring mouthpiece as they should, so oral care becomes a problem and there is a risk of gum disease and other bacterial infections. Bacteria is also the main cause of tooth decay, so keep not only your tooth brush but oral appliances in a good condition is vital to a healthy set of teeth.

♥  So even if the snoring device is still stopping the snore, think about changing it every 4-6 months.

Ref: Dental Association of America (DAA) 


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