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How to choose the best snoring solution!

There is no cure for snoring but there are hundreds of snoring solutions to choose from.
But which one is right for you and do we all snore for the same reason?
To choose the best snoring solution you first need to find out what type of snorer you are and what is causing the snoring vibrations.

What type of Snorer are you?

  • Are you a Tongue Based Snorer?
  • Do you have Narrow or Collapsing Nostrils?
  • Are you a Mouth Breather?
  • Do you suffer from Allergies that might cause you to snore?

Type – Tongue Based Snoring

Tongue based snoring is the most common form of snoring. It is attributed to weight gain, smoking, excessive alcohol and sedatives.
Heavy snoring over a long period of time damages the strength and efficiency of the airway. The soft tissue, muscles, nerves and the blood supply that supports this tissue are damaged. Normally these muscles support the airway but with this type of muscle fatigue, the airway during sleep, collapses and the tongue drops back and partially blocks the airway. In some instances the tongue completely blocks the airway and this is known as obstructive sleep apnea (apnoea).
Try this Self Test!
  • Face a mirror, push your lower jaw forward about 3mm.
  • Try and snore.
  • In most cases you will notice the forward jaw action prevents the snoring vibrations.

Snoring Solution Tongue Based Snoring

Tongue based snoring is the most common form of snoring. There are plenty options available so it is preferable to read a reputable review site like SnoreChat before choosing a good mandibular snoring solution.
Oral appliances have been used as a snoring solution for over a decade. There is adequate research available to prove that there are no reported long term side affects in using the
There is a tongue retaining device by Goodmorning Snore Solution that holds your tongue forward and away from the airway.
SnoreRX is an adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece that adjusts the lower jaw forward in 1mm increments and opens the airway to stop the snoring vibrations.
SnoreMeds is a trusted boil and bite anti-snoring mouthpiece. It is a custom moulded mouthpiece which holds the lower jaw forward during sleep and prevents the tongue and soft palate from falling back and blocking the airway.

Type: Mouth Breather

When you fall asleep your mouth falls open and the chances are you will snore. The flow of air through your mouth hitting the back of your airway is turbulent and causes the vibration we know as snoring. Breathing through your nose breaks the flow of air and reaches the back of the throat in a more gentler fashion.

Is your throat dry and scratchy in the morning?
Do you suffer from morning bad or sour breath?
Is your mouth dry?
If you suffer from any of these you could be sleeping with your mouth open.

Snoring Solution: Mouth Breather 

The solution is to encourage air flow through the nose by holding your mouth closed. The Chin strap or Chin up strips are the solution you are looking for. These two options physically hold your mouth closed forcing you to breathe through your nose.

Another option is this oral appliance SnoreMate. It is a mandibular advancement device which holds you lower jaw forward but It also does not have a hole and forces you to breathe through your nose.

Type – Narrow or Collapsing Nostrils

Breathing is so natural for us that we probably do not think too much about it, until it becomes a problem. Naturally we are meant to breathe through our nose and only use our mouth if we either have a nasal defect or alternatively suffer from congestion. The problem could be just as simple as narrow nostrils.

Try this Self Test!
  • Look in a mirror and press one of your nostrils to close it.
  • With your mouth closed breathe in through your open nostril.
  • If this nostril collapses this might be the cause of your snoring habit.

Snoring Solution – Narrow or Collapsing Nostrils

There are a variety of options available for nasal dilation. There are nasal strips, like Breathe Right which are self adhesive and fix to the outside of the nose and hold the nostrils open while you sleep. Rhinomed Mute are nasal dilators that you insert in your nose and they push your nostrils open. Most of these nasal dialators come in a variety of sizes and this particular brand are comfortable to wear. SnoreCare are medical grade silicon cones that you insert in your nose that keep the nostrils open while you sleep.

Snoring Cause – Allergies

Congestion in your nasal airway can cause snoring. The lining of the nasal cavity and throat swell and lead to sleep disordered breathing and snoring. 10-25% of the population have allergies relating to, house mites/dust, feathers, cats and tobacco smoke.
The good news is that there will be a snoring product to suit your needs.