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Good Morning Snore Solution

Quick look review – Good Morning Snore Solution

  • This Snore Solution worked from the first night and comfortable to wear after a few nights.
  • The price for GMSS is higher than other snoring solutions.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and there is a video online.
  • The GMSS tongue retainer is made from materials that are safe and BPA free.
  • There are no known side affects from long term use.
  • GMSS has had positive feedback in reviews and social media.
  • The GMSS has been in the market for 8 years.
  • The GMSS is sold globally online.
  • The Customer reviews have been good and GMSS have attempted to resolve any customer issues.
  • The return policy is for 30 days and the consumer pays all shipping costs on purchase and return, unless the product is defective.
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The successful snoring solution from GMSS received a 9 rating from the SSI team.
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GMSS tongue retaining device – in depth review

Good Morning Snore Solution is known as a tongue retaining device (TRD). These tongue snoring devices have not been in the market as long as the mandibular advancement devices, but in the last few years have become quite popular for those snorers who have a problem with their tongue relaxing, falling back and blocking the airway. The GMSS is FDA cleared, BPA free and designed by a doctor and dentist based in Calgary Canada.

Good Morning Snore Solution

How it works

The Good Morning Snore Solution is made from a soft plastic, that almost looks like an inverted baby pacifier. It works by using a suction effect to gently pull the tongue forward, creating a clear airway.

The Fit

The Good Morning Snore Solution is easy to fit, no complicated fitment procedure and it is a one size fits all. It is more comfortable than the mandibular advancement devices and the stop snoring straps. It does create some concern when you first look at the device and our team questioned how the suction was going to feel on the end of the tongue. Your breathing passage also needs to be completely clear if you use this device.

The Price

Our SSI Team felt that Good Morning Snore Solution is quite expensive for a single device, but they did offer a fairly competitive rate for a family pack of two. Like most of the snoring devices on the market today GMSS did offer a 30 Day money back guarantee.


Surprisingly the GMSS worked well for our team members and it stopped them from snoring from the first night. Not only that but the GMSS could be worn with dentures.  This is a big plus as most of the other Mandibular advancement devices require you to have a healthy set of dentures to hold the jaw in the forward position.


There was tenderness at the end of their tongue for the first few days which was tolerable. The GMSS device was not an option if you suffered from blocked sinuses. We felt Good Morning Snore Solution was expensive for what it is.


Our SSI team selected this as the best of the tongue retaining devices and one of the few devices that you could wear if you had troublesome teeth or wore dentures. There was no impact on the jaw or teeth which was also a plus if you had a teenager who snores.

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The successful snoring solution from GMSS received a 9 rating from the SSI team.
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