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SnoreMeds – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Quick look review – SnoreMeds stop snoring mouthpiece

  • We found the SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece stopped us snoring from the first night, but it took a few days before it stayed in the whole night and became comfortable to sleep with.
  • This was nominated one of most cost affective snoring solutions (that worked) in the market. SnoreMeds sells a value pack which has 4 anti-snoring mouthpieces in the box. The unit cost is greatly reduced for regular users.
  • We found the instructions are easy to follow and there is a step by step video supplied. The fitting is a bit tricky for a first time user, but SnoreMeds offers a double pack for first time users with a 45 day guarantee. So if you make a mistake with the first mouthpiece you have a second chance.
  • The materials used to manufacture the mouthpiece are FDA approved, BPA free with no Latex.
  • SnoreMeds has been selling their mouthpiece for over 8 years and we found no evidence of long term use side affects.
  • SnoreMeds have good reviews, they have regular users who swear by the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece for women is extremely popular.
  • SnoreMeds has been selling their snoring solutions for the last 8 years and their stop snoring mouthpiece for women almost six years, so they are well entrenched in the snoring market.
  • SnoreMeds is sold globally and is delivered from warehouses in the USA, UK and Australia.
  • The customer service was great with no social media reported problems.
  • There is a 45 money back return on the product. The shipping cost is not refunded, but that seems the norm these days.
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SSI team rated SnoreMeds the best boil and bite mouthpiece in the market. Score of 8
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In depth review – SnoreMeds stop snoring mouthpiece

SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpiece has been selling in the market for about 8 years now. It is a simple snoring solution for an annoying and embarrassing problem, and comes in two sizes for men and woman. The snoring mouthpiece is transparent, easy to mould, made from safe FDA approved material which is also BPA free. It has been proven to work for many snorers and is sold from 1 to 4 snoring mouthpieces in a pack. If the anti-snoring mouthpiece works for you, then it will stop you snoring from the first night.

How it works?

SnoreMeds like other boil and bite mouthpieces, works by holding your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep pulling the soft palate and tongue away from the back of the airway allowing for a free flow of air.


The Fit.

SnoreMeds comes with easy instructions on how to mould their device, the instructions come in the box, they are on the website and there is also an instructional video. The device is custom moulded by placing it in boiling water for seconds and inserting it into your mouth. it is important to fit this mouthpiece well, otherwise it will compromise its comfort and ability to work well.


SnoreMeds is very competitively priced. They support their regular customers by discounting the Value packs which has 4 mouthpieces in the pack. They have a 45 money back guarantee on their product although they do not refund the shipping cost.

The positives.

SnoreMeds has been around for a long time, the product has been tried and tested. They have a regular clientele and the product is favourably priced. If a an anti-snoring mouthpiece is your snoring solution then it will work from the first night.
The SnoreMeds anti-snoring mouthpieces come in two sizes and the SnoreMeds site comes with some favourable reviews from the ladies who have tried it.
An anti-bacterial case is supplied with a spatula that you keep to hold the mouthpiece while cleaning. The device needs to replaced roughly every 4 months, we looked at this as a positive as it keeps you from bacterial build -up, just like replacing your tooth brush.

The Negatives.

Moulding the device is a bit tricky and if you are a new customer, I would definitely advise to buy the double pack so that there were two chances ago moulding the mouthpiece.


Our Team of Snoring Solution Investigators (SSI) Rated SnoreMeds as the Top boil and bite anti-snoring mouthpiece, based on its success in stoping you from snoring from the first night, its ease of use, comfort and customer service.

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SSI team rated SnoreMeds the best boil and bite mouthpiece in the market. Score of 8
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I love SnoreMeds
Nice product. Great price point and excellent service.

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SSI stands for the Snoring Solution Investigators ( that is what we named ourselves one evening after a few drinks ). It started as a bunch of friends who snored, who had been poked and prodded by loved ones to find a snoring solution that worked. Independently we were all trying different snoring solutions at a huge financial if not personal expense and we all started to compare our experiences. From Snoring devices in all shapes and sizes, sleep recipes, weight control, we have tried it all.