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SSI – Snoring Solution Investigators

We hope that you will find this snoring resource helpful. We have tried to make light of a serious problem, that ultimately affect our relationships, work performance, sleep habits and health.

We realised that trying these different snoring solutions independently can be a costly affair, as a team we got to share our stories and compare the products with a list of criteria that could rate the solutions fairly. We hope that you all enjoy the journey as we endeavour to expose the ultimate snoring solution.

Who Are We?

Our bed time partners can testify, to the fact that we are professionals in snoring. A group of friends with a common interest, we all snore.  We have collectively spent 1000’s of dollars between us searching for the perfect snoring solution and comparing our successes and our failures.  From Snoring devices in all shapes and sizes, sleep recipes, weight control, we have tried it all.

For our own fun we have called ourselves the Snoring Solution Investigators (SSI) and we perform a SSI review on all the products we have slept with.

Follow us on our quest to find the ultimate snoring solution.

How we rate the snoring products?

  • Does the device stop you from snoring?
  • Is the product cost effective and good value for money?
  • Does the product come with comprehensive instructions and easy to fit?
  • Are the materials used to manufacture the product safe?
  • Are there any side affects from long term use of the device?
  • Are the reviews from users above average?
  • How long has it been around?
  • Are they readily available to purchase?
  • Do they have good customer service?
  • Can the product be easily returned?

The Snoring Solution Investigators. SSI Snoring Product Reviews

Yes that’s right, we’ve tried  1000’s of dollars of snoring products, and reviewed the best. 

You Decide

Our reviews will assist you in making an educated product choice!

Our SSI team has rated and suggested the best snoring solutions
You Decide